Kent County Council Market Consulation Adult Social Care Accommodation Strategy

Following the launch of the Accommodation Strategy in July 2014, work has taken place with District Councils and Clinical Commissioning Group’s to identify the priorities for the County. Currently the priority listings are being fully scoped for KCC’s Transformation Board to approve. The priorities are based on need, opportunity and stakeholder preference.

The projects needed range from High priority to business as usual, small, medium and large and some are a number of projects within one area with a specific focus.

As part of implementing the Accommodation Strategy, a range of Schedules will be placed through the Business Portal. The purpose of the Schedules are to signal to the market any shortfall or gaps in provision in specific areas and to aid new and existing providers and developers in business planning and development. This could range from care home or housing providers to architects and contractors.

All providers and developers are encouraged to make contact with the leads detailed at the end of the schedules so that advice and support can be provided in business development. Please note this does not mean that any of the organisations can guarantee CQC registration or a contract where they are required as there are separate processes for both. However, some of the Locality Focus Schedules may develop into partnership agreements and will be clearly detailed with the processes required to express an interest and proceed through any formal procurement exercise.

We are committed to updating the District Profiles when we are aware of any active market developments.

This should hopefully mean that there will be a balanced approach to developments and no sudden overprovision in particular areas.

National Audit Office  report details increasing pressures on the care system

In the first of a series of reports on the adult care system, the National Audit Office has highlighted the main risks and challenges as the system changes radically. The report points out that government does not know if the limits of the capacity of the care system to continue to absorb pressures are being approached. It warns that major changes to the system to improve outcomes and reduce costs will be challenging to achieve.

The report details increasing pressures on the system: adults with long-term and multiple health conditions and disabilities are living longer; demand for services is rising while public spending falls; and there is unmet need for care. Government is engaging well with the adult care sector and aims to tackle the pressures in the adult care system through introducing the Care Bill.

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