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UKHCA publishes for the first time an estimated minimum price for homecare services of £15.19 per hour, which allows full compliance with the prevailing National Minimum Wage and the delivery of sustainable homecare services to local authorities.

A Minimum Price for Homecare

Kings Fund First Quarterly Report

The King’s Fund published its first Quarterly monitoring report in April 2011 as part of its work to track, analyse and comment on the changes and challenges the health and social care system is facing.

The Kings Fund Quarterly Monitoring Report - January 2014

Prevention of Abuse and Neglect in the Institutional Care of Older Adults

PANICOA stands for Prevention of Abuse and Neglect in the Institutional Care of Older Adults. It is a joint-funded research initiative between the Department of Health and Comic Relief which is designed to enhance the dignity of older people in institutional settings.

The Newsletter will enable anyone interested in the aims of PANICOA to keep in touch with its progress. We hope that the research teams involved in the different studies will use it to exchange ideas and experiences, as well as to share emerging findings and disseminate results.

In this first edition of the PANICOA Newsletter you'll find a brief history of the research initiative, summaries of each of the studies funded to date and details of the funding organisations.

Panicoa Newsletter - Winder 2009

The Practice of GPs charging retainers to care homes

In 2008 ECCA investigated the practice of GPs charging retainers to work with care homes. The research showed this was a widespread practice and that the pronouncements that health care was free at the point of need, were not necessarily true for residents of care homes.

In 2013 ECCA re-ran this research, and discovered that six years after the initial report, the practice is still going on.

GP retainers: paying for health care is a reality for many care homes

Changes in Patterns of Social Care Provision: 2005/6 to 2012/13

Even before the current public spending austerity programme was introduced, the adequacy of adult social care spending was an issue of concern. This report aims to quantify what changes have taken place in net local spending and provision (recipients of care) between 2005/06 and 2012/13.

Changes in Patterns of Social Care Provision in England: 2005/6 to 2012/13

Red Tape Challenge removes unnecessary health and care regulation

A review by the Department of Health found that 128 of the 555 regulations covering public health, quality of care, mental health, NHS and professional standards were not necessary.  It also found that another 252 could be improved.

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The Winterbourne View One Year On

The Winterbourne View One Year On report was published in December.

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NICE Autism Quality Standard

Autism is a lifelong condition affecting than half a million people in the UK. Of these 80,000 are thought to be children of school age. A new quality standard, from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, contains eight measurable statements, which together can improve the quality and consistency of care for people with the condition.

NICE Quality Standard on Autism

SCIE's response in full