Dementia Pledge

The Dementia pledge was created when a group of employers came together with ECCA to develop four key principles that care providers could use to nurture their whole workforce.

A commitment to the Dementia Pledge will mean a care provider will work towards demonstrating that they can meet the four principles of the Dementia Pledge. This commitment shows that a provider really cares about developing their workforce’s understanding of dementia and adapting the service to meet the needs of the person living with dementia.

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Kent Dementia Action Alliance

The Kent Dementia Action Alliance has evolved from a community necessity to better meet the needs of people with dementia. It had its roots in a Whole System collaborative and a desire to integrate social care and mental health services. In recognising the need for people to Live Well with Dementia It subsequently identified the need to involve a wider range of partners including police forces, fire and rescue services, local authorities, local transport, charities, community groups, businesses, care providers, health trusts, and people living with dementia and their carers.

Desired outcomes delivered by individual member’s action plans range from ensuring people with dementia have choice and control over decisions about their lives, to feeling a valued part of family, community and civic life. It is not a statutory body and has no legal authority.  Accountability for dementia services remains through the existing legal process of each organisation

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SCiE eLearning: The Open Dementia Programme

The Open Dementia elearning Programme is aimed at anyone who comes into contact with someone with dementia and provides a general introduction to the disease and the experience of living with dementia. This programme is designed to be accessible to a wide audience and to make learning as enjoyable as possible and so allows users to fully interact with the content and includes video, audio and graphics to make the content come alive. In particular the programme includes a considerable amount of new video footage shot by both the Alzheimer’s Society and SCIE where people with dementia and their carers share their views and feelings on camera.

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Research by Carers Trust has found that carers of people with dementia are not being adequately supported at critical points in their caring role, which has resulted in a negative impact on the people they are caring for. 

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