National Minimum wage and sleepovers

The recent Employment Appeal Tribunal case of Whittlestone v BJP Home Support Limited addressed the matter of whether an employee should be paid the national minimum wage for the duration of ‘sleepovers'. 

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The Government has published four sets of new employment-related regulations about:

  • The National Minimum Wage
  • Statutory Sick Pay (Maintenance of Records)
  • The Statutory Sick Pay Percentage Threshold
  • Automatic Enrolment (Earnings Trigger and Qualifying Earnings Band)

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Acas Early Conciliation - A free new service launching April 2014

Acas' Early Conciliation service will launch on 6 April 2014.

Anyone thinking about making an employment tribunal claim will need to contact Acas first. Acas will then offer Early Conciliation to try and resolve the dispute quickly and cost effectively.

At Acas, our advice is always that it is best for employers and employees to resolve disputes as early as possible.

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